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A. Introduction
B. Your Security when purchasing
C. Ordering
D. Mode of payment
E. Right to returns
F. Frequently asked questions

A. Introduction:

In the Food-KnowHow bookshop, a large selection of the latest specialized books on food can be found.

To find literature, items, etc., pertaining to your branch, click on the relevant category of the catalogue in the left-hand column.

The same book title may appear in different categories. This is the case when the same book or the same item can be of interest to experts from diverse branches.

If you know the title or the author of the book, you can find the item directly through the "quick search" function. You can also conduct a search with the ISBN number.


B. Your security when purchasing:

All credit card information is encrypted and transmitted directly to the company "SaferPay". Our computers only store your name, your billing and delivery addresses and your orders. Payment related information is never entered into our data bank. For this reason, for your own security, you must input your personal and confidential information every time you file an order.


C. Ordering:

If this is the first time you are placing an order with us, we ask to sign up on this page. Your name, address and password will be saved, so that the system recognizes you the next time you visit us. Then, for subsequent orders, you simply need to type in your selected password. You are free to change your personal information later, on this same sign up page. If you have forgotten your password, click on the link "password forgotten ?" on the login page.

The password you have selected will be sent to you at once by e-mail, to the e-mail address you have registered.


D. Mode of Payment:

After completing your purchase, you can input a delivery address which is different from the billing address. We recommend you then verify once again that the entire order is correct. Once you have accepted the conditions of use, simply click on the "to pay" button. Then type information for the payment in the SaferPay Terminal window. Your credit card number and expiration date must be given. We accept Mastercard (EUROCARD) and VISA-CARD. Items we do not have in store will be sent to you by partner publishers, but you will be billed by us.

Shipping companies that offer the lowest rates will effect shipments inside Germany and the European Union and to countries outside Europe. An exact overview of rates, according to weight, will soon be provided on these pages.


E. Right to returns

Your security in purchasing - a money-back guarantee -- is of the highest priority for us. You can send back any book to us within 14 days if the title does not satisfy your demands. In this case, we issue a full refund for the purchase price - but not the shipping costs.

The precondition is that the books be returned in original condition. The costs of return shipment in this case are to be assumed by you. If we send you, by mistake, books that you have not ordered, you will be reimbursed for the books and shipping costs already paid, as well as for the cost of return shipment (at the lowest rates). Here again, the precondition is that the books or posters be in original condition.

No returns are accepted on e-books and e-products.


F. Frequently asked questions:

  • Why can't I receive my order on invoice?

    We want to guarantee quick, safe and economical deliveries. That is only possible with a streamlined secretariat, which eliminates the time consuming task of sending invoices. For smoother processing, we also request that you pre-pay your order or pay by credit card.

  • Is it safe to transmit the personal information for my payment?

    All data concerning your credit card will be transmitted by you to the company Saferpay, through a secure encrypting system. This guarantees that your data can not be misused. More precise information on questions of encrypting and security can be found on the Saferpay homepage

  • To what countries can your books/posters be shipped?

    To all countries in the world, except currently, Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yugoslavia.

  • If I have forgotten my password, what can I do?

    On the login page, you will find the box "forgotten your password ?" Click on this box and type your user name, or your e-mail address, and click on 'send password'! We will send you your password by e-mail!

    You may change your password at any time on the "user profile" page. However, this requires that you have already registered once.

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